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Gail Wells & Randal Abler  invite you to take a tour of our
Davenport Arabian Horses
Davenport Arabians trace exclusively to horses owned or imported by Homer Davenport, who imported several horses from Arabia in 1906.  These horses preserve the original character of the arabian horse, and meet the CMK, Al Khamsa, and Arabian Horse Association's definitions of purebred arabian horses.  They are intelligent horses that truly delight in human interaction.  We attempt to preserve these characteristics by maintaining a small breeding operation, and expect to offer select horses for sale in coming years.  Our stallions are available for breeding to outside mares, and we also provide some assistance with other breeding in the Savannah, Ga area.  Please feel free to contact us at the email address below, or via postal mail at   PO Box 785, Eden, Ga 31307.

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