Eden Arabian Farms


Currently available for breeding service:

    Portico - 1979 Grey Davenport Kuhaylan-Haifi Stallion

We are also training the following stallion and hope to be able to offer
shipped semen for the 2007 season:
    Vice Regent CF - 1991 Bay Davenport Saqlawi Stallion

All breeding is by shipped semen, due to limited accomodations we
are unable to offer mare boarding. Frozen semen (Portico) is also available.
Contact us for details.

Breeding fees (Cooled shipped semen):
    $500 breeding fee

    $300 deposit on equitainer shipper
        Deposit will be refunded in full if shipper is returned  in good condition
        within 10 days.  After 10 days, $30/week rental charge will be deducted.
        Customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with returning the equitainer.
    $100 collection fee (per shippment)
    +actual FED-EX charge per shippment  (typically $60-80)