Eden Arabian Farms

For Sale
Placing horses in good homes is always a challenge - primarily because we've spent time with them and they are part of the family.  We keep reminding ourselves that these wonderful horses deserve (and require) a lot of attention, and that good homes will benefit them.  Horses and people match up in ways that we might not always expect, but none-the-less, we hope to find the right horse and the right home and put those together.  While we've listed a couple of horses below that are likely candidates for wide range of homes, others in our herd might be available in the right situation.  Feel free to contact us if there is a particular horse that catches your attention, or you are interested in, and we'll be happy to discuss it.

2004 Bay Davenport Filly
Veranda EAF (Portico x GF Kess)
Extended Pedigree
1993 Grey Davenport Filly
Grace Note CF (Pericles x Most Fair)
Extended Pedigree